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Customised to your needs.


Our capabilities are vast and encapsulate full post facilitation from Dailies to Delivery. We have a strong, award winning internal team that can polish your project to the highest of standards. Whether your picture needs to be finished in HDR, require high end VFX, or your sound needs an Atmos mix, we offer an all inclusive facility where everything is covered under one roof.


  • Dailies / DIT / Data Management

  • Online/Offline editing

  • Sound Design, Foley, Final Mix (5:1 & Atmos)

  • Score Facilitation

  • Visual Effects (Nuke & Flame)

  • Grading (Baselight & Resolve)

  • Closed Captions

  • Masters and Deliverables (We are a Netflix approved supplier)

  • LTO Archiving

  • Trailer & EPK Creation. We are the only Facility in South Africa to receive a Golden Trailer Nomination for our work.

  • Relationships with local and international Agents, Distributors and Streamers


  • 16 Offline Suites across JHB & CT

  • 3 Fully Calibrated Grading Rooms 4k HDR

  • Cinema Viewing Room

  • Atmos Mixing Studio

  • Full Foley Studio

  • Nuke VFX Department

  • Flame Online Suite

  • Dailies Department

  • QC Checks

  • 500mb Internet Line

  • Backup Generator System

  • 500TB Server 

We can't wait to hear from you! 
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